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I felt the need to send this e-mail to show my gratitude and appreciation of Alastair’s treatment of both my dog Sas and of me. Sas needed surgery and I was extremely anxious that as an older dog she may not make it through the surgery, Alastair made me feel comfortable, by explaining the procedure, what outcomes we could expect and that it would be unusual for the outcome to be a sad one. He allowed me time to make the decision without any pressure. His follow up care was fantastic, Alastair came to us while we were outside waiting for our appointment time, and removed Sas’s sutures without fuss, and there was no stress of the inside of the clinic for Sas to contend with. I would recommend Alastair to anyone who’s pet, needed treatment from VSG®, and to the pet’s people who would benefit from his wonderful manner and caring attitude.

Cheers Tracey Hohepa


Beau BulteMy heartfelt thanks to Richard Jerram and the staff of VSG® for restoring my little mate, Beau, to the sunny-natured character he was before suddenly taking ill and hovering on the brink.
Two years ago, out of the blue, Beau developed life-threatening autoimmune meningitis. It has been a long road back as he battled both the first onset and a relapse. Although he will never be cured, it seems a balance has finally been achieved between the life-preserving benefits of his medication and its undesirable side effects. He’s a happy little guy again! Read more

Yvonne Bulte


Henry Swan & Mum

Hi Mark and team

Thought you might be interested to hear that Henry turned 20 on Tuesday! He’s such an amazing old man and I’m so proud of him. It was nearly six years ago now that he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and nearly five years since his old kidneys packed up. He’s stone deaf these day and has arthritis, but seems determined to hang in there a bit longer.




To The Team at VSG®

Thank you all for your wonderful care and compassion while Atarangi (Rangi) was unwell. “Our Rascal is doing really well”

Best regards

Catherine, Dave & Rangi Crofts


Prickles Napier-Robertson“We are incredibly grateful to Richard, Alex, Alana, and ALL the wonderful VSG® staff who saved Prickle’s life on three separate occasions, he ruptured discs in his back and neck and was left paralysed and in severe pain. The level of expertise and care that Prickles received was simply outstanding.  Thanks to these wonderful people Prickles is alive, can walk again, and is leading a happy, pain-free life.  Testament also to how great the staff are is the fact that – not withstanding all of the trauma and pain Prickles experienced – he is always overjoyed to see the team whenever we visit.

Thank you VSG®.  We have been privileged to have access to your services.

Stephanie Napier, John Robertson, and family (including Prickles).


Charlie Scheurich

Hi Dr Alex,

Once again I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the brilliant work you have done on and for my cat Charlie. He is doing well, albeit in a cage, and likes the attention when I can give it to him. Many thanks for your talent, skill, and invaluable assistance.

Best regards
Greg Scheurich


Jessie CraigVSG® you are all fantastic, Jessie’s surgeon, Alastair and Mark Robson you are all such wonderful people. My fur family are my family, Jessie has traveled the world with me, and is sooooo special. I thank you with all my heart for everything you have done for us both,

Big hugs xx from Jess and me.