Mista Prestige Award 2015

VSG® is thrilled to announce that Malin Pettersson, Internal Medicine nurse, is the sixth recipient of the Mista Prestige award, sponsored by the Koru Corporation Ltd


The Mista Prestige award came about as a direct result of Pene Loza, director of Koru Corp’s personal experience with VSG® when her dog Mista was treated in 2009, it is a small scholarship grant which is awarded annually to a person showing outstanding care and commitment in the professional area of veterinary science.

There was no question that Malin was the correct candidate for this year’s award, her dedication and commitment to animal care is remarkable. Along with receiving this award she has also taken on a new role provided by one of our sponsors Hill’s, as their nurse nutrition advocate for VSG®. Malin will work closely with the NZ Hill’s Technical Services Veterinarian and will also be guided by the Massey nutrition department to help elevate the importance of nutrition within VSG®, she will ensure that all patient’s nutritional needs are being met appropriately while in hospital and also liaise with referring vets and clients of these requirements on discharge.

It’s shaping up to be a great 2016, congratulations Malin!