Dog Lives for 13 Months with Belly full of Glass

You could say Billie the Labrador Cross is a bit of a lucky dog – unlike a cat though, she’s got more than nine lives according to Dr. Damian Chase – surgeon at veterinary specialist referral hospital VSG.

“Billie presented to us with a lump protruding from her flank” says Dr. Chase. “It was quite painful to touch so we decided to take an x-ray to see what was going on. What we found was quite unbelievable”.

The radiograph’s showed that Billie had over five pieces of glass in her abdomen – one of them measuring more than 12cm long.

“She ran straight through a window over a year ago” according to Billie’s owner Caron Thornton. “We rushed her to our local vet who cleaned and sutured the wound then we went on our way”.

What Caron didn’t know however was that Billie had taken a very large shard of glass with her and that glass was breaking up. “She had absolutely no symptoms at all” admits Thornton. “When I noticed the lump on her side a few weeks ago I took her back to our vet thinking it was a tumour”. That’s when Billie was referred to Veterinary Specialist Group for more investigation.

“A long shard of glass must have stabbed right into her abdomen and then broken into 5 pieces over time” says Dr. Chase. “The glass did not damage anything vital and has just been sitting in her body. She is one very lucky dog” he admits.

Billie recovered well and went home the day after surgery wondering what all the fuss was about. “She is doing great” reveals Caron. “She keeps giving us her ball to throw but she is not allowed to run” she says.