About Us

VSG is one of only two specialist veterinary referral facilities in New Zealand. Our hospital provides specialist care across a range of services which include radiology, internal medicine and surgery.

What We Do

We are a leading specialist veterinary facility in New Zealand. We aim to provide the highest quality care to our patients in a facility built specifically for this purpose.  Our high commitment to continuing education, state of the art technology and a highly skilled, professional team ensure that our patients are getting the best care possible.

All of our specialists are registered with the New Zealand Veterinary Council and they are statutory regulated – much like specialists in the human medical field. This enables them to practice in their specialty and refer to themselves as veterinary specialists.


The dream of Veterinary Specialist Group was realised in November 2000, after much planning and collaboration. The aim was to provide veterinary specialist care in a purpose built facility. Veterinary Specialist Group began with three partners who were recognised as specialists in their disciplines and has since grown to include ten specialists, three residents and one intern. The nursing and support staff numbers have also increased to better manage the higher caseload and the demand of our veterinarians. Veterinary Specialist Group will continue to grow in order to provide the highest quality veterinary care and service to pets, their owners and referring veterinarians.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality care for our patients in a peer-supported environment with advanced technology and a team approach of highly skilled, compassionate and professional staff. We will remain committed to providing the latest ideas and techniques through continuing education within New Zealand and overseas.

Our Vision

Veterinary Specialist Group will continue to be internationally recognised as a leading veterinary specialist care facility.