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Vets Say Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats is Leaving them Sick or Dead

NZ Herald Article 21.05.2017  Sarah Harris. Owners serving up plates of raw tucker may be causing more harm than good to their beloved pets. Vets are speaking out against raw food, saying they see numerous cases of serious injury, or death, resulting from the diet. Raw feeding is a fashionable pet trend where owners feed […]

Vets Warn of the Dangers of Toxic Berries

Auckland, NZ: A number of deaths this week from dogs poisoned by toxic berries from Karaka trees has led vets to issue a warning. “We’ve had three dogs present to us this week with poisoning from Karaka berries” says Dr. Mark Robson, founding partner of Veterinary Specialist Group in Auckland. “It’s the time of year […]

Dog Lives for 13 Months with Belly full of Glass

You could say Billie the Labrador Cross is a bit of a lucky dog – unlike a cat though, she’s got more than nine lives according to Dr. Damian Chase – surgeon at veterinary specialist referral hospital VSG. “Billie presented to us with a lump protruding from her flank” says Dr. Chase. “It was quite […]

Increase in Slug Pellet Poisoning Leads VSG to Issue Warning

A spate of very sick dogs poisoned by slug pellets has lead veterinary specialist referral hospital VSG to issue a warning around the safe keeping of slug pellets and other harmful items that dogs might find appealing. “We’ve had two dogs in in the last week that were extremely unwell” says Dr. Mark Robson, founding […]