Referral Process For Owners

Just as general practitioners (GP’s) are able to refer people to specialist doctors in the field of human medicine, general practice veterinarians are able to refer clients and their dogs or cats to the Veterinary Specialist Group.

VSG® Specialists have extensive training, experience and access to state of the art equipment. This enables procedures and treatments to be performed that usually cannot be carried out in a general veterinary practice.

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If you think your pet may benefit from Specialist treatment here’s what to do:

  • See your own veterinarian to ascertain specialist referral.
  • Your vet may call to organise an appointment on your behalf or if it is not urgent your vet may advise you call to arrange a suitable time.
  • Your vet will need to forward all the relevant clinic history including lab results and xrays (if available) about your pet.
  • You will bring your pet for an initial consultation with a VSG® Specialist. In this consultation, options and costs will be discussed with you.
  • Your pet may be admitted to the hospital for further evaluation as appropriate.
  • At the time of discharge, findings and a course of action will be discussed with you.
  • A report will be sent to your veterinarian detailing findings and the course action. Your usual vet will want to help manage your pets care.
  • Should a revisit be required this will be scheduled with you.