Zoetis Animal Health

Each year in conjunction with Zoetis New Zealand, VSG offers an internship to new graduates of Massey University. The internship is provided annually and is a fixed term twelve-month position starting in December. The position provides concentrated, supervised, in-hospital training through services in small animal surgery, internal medicine and diagnostic imaging.

Following the completion of the twelve-month internship, it is hoped that the intern will pursue further clinical specialist training through the North American residency system.

Zoetis New Zealand has been a key contributor to the success of this programme and we would like to thank them for their continued support of this sought after internship.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To prepare the intern for postgraduate specialist training (internship, residency, research) at university teaching hospitals overseas
  • To provide the intern with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the clinical management of challenging small animal medicine and surgery cases
  • To allow the intern to learn professional publication and presentation skills
  • To provide the intern with an opportunity to develop skills in client communication, medical record keeping, and literature review.

The intern has no primary case responsibility but works alongside the specialist during the admission of complex cases. During the year, the intern will develop the clinical skills required to assess, diagnose, and treat these patients with the opportunity to refine fundamental skills including catheter placement, blood collection, fluid therapy, anaesthesia management, analgesia, transfusion medicine, and the acquiring and interpretation of imaging studies and clinical pathology. If an animal proceeds to surgery, the intern is scrubbed in as Surgical Assistant and will gain first-hand experience of general surgical principles and specific techniques.

The monitoring, management, and care of hospitalised patients are a major part of the intern’s duties which can extend to weekends and after hours.

Zoetis New Zealand are also key contributors in our quarterly VSG Seminar Series’ which provide continuing education seminars to our referring veterinarians.