Louise Scott

When we were told, our boy, Spike had a large tumor in his chest our world was shattered. We spent the entire weekend researching Spike’s tumor and crying! From what we read his prognosis did not look good. Our local vet referred us to Dr. Alex Walker. All possible diagnosis tests were performed and our worst fears came true, Spike’s only chance of survival was open heart surgery, but he only had a 50% chance of making it through the surgery. Spike already had right sided congestive heart failure and if he didn’t have the surgery he would not be here with us today! Dr Alex Walker and his team at VSG have been amazing, their care for Spike was incredible. We couldn’t have asked for anything more! Even though Spike’s tumor could not be removed, Dr. Walker alleviated the pressure on Spike’s heart allowing his heart to function better. It was a miracle that Spike made it through his surgery and has had a speedy recovery. Even though we know Spike’s tumor will one day take him from us, we will always be grateful to Dr. Walker and his team for giving us more time with our boy. Every day we get to spend with Spike is a blessing and no words can describe how thankful and grateful we are to the entire VSG team for everything they have done for Spike and our family. May you all be blessed in the way you have blessed us.


Kaz Trass

The VSG team came to the rescue after our wee girl Narla presented with hindlimb paralysis in November last year. Dr. Jerram and his team worked tirelessly to allow her to walk again following complex spinal surgery. Thanks to Richard and the team for doing such an amazing job with our little angel. She is back to her normal active and naughty self. Special mention goes to her physio and hydrotherapist for the ongoing support you both provide with Narla’s rehab. Narla says, “woof woof


Romi Patel

Caring professionals who not only give your beloved pet 100% but also know how to communicate well with anxious owners.
I cannot say enough about these guys and how their skills and passion help us all through difficult times


Sheree McCallum

A very big thank you to all the VSG staff and especially Dr. Alex Walker. My 6 year old Rottweiler Roxy had to have ear canal surgery in December. Prior to her operation she was not a happy dog and was always scratching her ears and was in pain. I had been to other vets and it was a costly and disappointing drama but the team at VSG had the answers and could fix her problem. Dr. Walker did a fantastic job of her. She has no visible scaring and is such a happy pain-free dog.  Tomrwo Roxy goes back to VSG for another major operation on her back knee for TCPL surgery. I know she is in the best care and the hands of a brilliant surgeon Dr Alex Walker So my mind is at ease and I have nothing to worry about. Thankyou to all you guys at VSG Carrington Rd.


Stephanie Napier & John Robertson

We are incredibly grateful to Richard, Alex, Alana, and all the wonderful staff at VSG who saved Prickle’s life on three separate occasions. He ruptured discs in his back and neck and was left paralysed and in severe pain. The level of expertise and care that Prickles received was simply outstanding.  Thanks to these wonderful people Prickles is alive, can walk again, and is leading a happy, pain-free life.  Testament also to how great the staff are is the fact that – notwithstanding all of the trauma and pain Prickles experienced – he is always overjoyed to see the team whenever we visit. Thank you VSG®.  We have been privileged to have access to your services.


Wendell and Margaret Phillips

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I and my family appreciate the work you and your team put into Baxter. As you know we had independent advice that it would be unlikely that Bax would survive the operation however your professional manner gave us comfort that you had the skill to perform the procedure he required. I am delighted to report that some four weeks after the operation that Bax the wonder dog is just that. He belies his age by running around full of the joys of spring. His breathing is normal and appetite is excellent. Thank you and thanks to the whole team – from the lovely ladies on reception to the nurses and finally to the vet team whose skills help make pets and owners lives better.


Sue Sutherland

Our dog Ruby was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Our specialist at VSG, Richard explained all aspects of the diagnosis thoroughly, enabling us to make a decision to undergo Ruby’s surgery. We were impressed with the subsequent follow-up where all aspects of her care were handled sensitively and professionally. Our grateful thanks to all of you at VSG for your support and understanding. Ruby has subsequently lead a good and happy life over the last two years. There is no doubt that because of VSG’s expedient treatment protocols, Ruby’s outcome has been more optimistic and her life prolonged. We are thankful to be the recipients of the quality work of such a professional and caring team.


Tracey Hohepa

I felt the need to show my gratitude and appreciation of Alastair’s treatment of my dog Sas. Sas needed surgery and I was extremely anxious that as an older dog she may not make it through. Alastair made me feel comfortable by explaining the procedure, what outcomes we could expect and told us that it would be unusual for the outcome to be a sad one. He allowed me time to make the decision without any pressure. His follow up care was fantastic, Alastair came to us while we were outside waiting for our appointment time, and removed Sas’s sutures without fuss. I would recommend Alastair and the team at VSG to anyone.


Vera Pointon

Thank you so much Richard Jerram and your marvelous team for the amazing cutting edge surgery you performed on my Rottweiler Vandal. A caudal pad tumour is not only quite rare, but a pad transplant to save his foot, WOW…. who would have believed that was possible. Thank you VSG.


Yvonne Bulte

My heartfelt thanks to Richard Jerram and the staff of VSG for restoring my little mate Beau to the sunny-natured character he was before suddenly taking ill and hovering on the brink. Through all of Beau’s sickness I have appreciated Richard’s open, easy and straight-up manner and indeed the friendly and caring nature of all the staff at VSG. We hope we don’t have to visit again, except for the occasional check-up, but if we do I am confident Beau would again receive the best care possible.